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Wenling Hotai Marine Processing Corp was founded in 2002 and is the Taiwan-funded enterprises to invest in full, the door is located in the town of Wenling city in Zhejiang Song Song Long Road the national level people harbor the east-Hill reef fishing port, the nation faces Taiwan Expressway, 40 kilometers from the airport in Huangyan, from the city goalposts, Shitang catch foreshore Ruoye Hill and other fishing port only a half-hour. Strategic location, rich in fishing resources, sea and air transport.
The right tool for the right job. We're always working hard to improve our " tools" to win the market. Today, we have built clean, capacious and orderly production workshop in modernization plant, introduced international advanced production equipment and production technology, form the best integration assembly line. Because of this, production efficiency and quality would be improved, expand the competitive advantage, and win the market.
Hard road has many twists and turns, the confidence is fearless, with good faith seriously, won numerous praise and has won the title, is left on the struggle journey each bright bright spots, is both the power, and pressure, expectations, go forward, create new world.
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