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Wenling hotai marine Processing Corp was founded in 2002 and is the Taiwan-funded enterprises to invest in full, the door is located in the town of Wenling city in Zhejiang Song Song Long Road the national level people harbor the east-Hill reef fishing port, the nation faces Taiwan Expressway, 40 kilometers from the airport in Huangyan, from the city goalposts, Shitang catch foreshore Ruoye Hill and other fishing port only a half-hour. Strategic location, rich in fishing resources, sea and air transport.

Company covers 10,500 square meters, an area of 2,168 square meters processing workshops. refrigerating capacity of 4,000 tons, the Japanese garage capacity 50 tons, and the allocation of a single tunnel freezing machine, treadmill machines garage, was ice. grading machines, metal detectors and other production equipment and laboratories, laundry, water purification devices Sewage treatment facilities. The allocation of equipment and facilities to meet the export and production of food hygiene requirements of environmental legislation requirements.

Company has 270 employees, of whom have extensive experience in the processing of marine products and professional technical and managerial personnel for 20 people 30 polytechnic school education. Since the formation of the company, committed to the development of all types of frozen aquatic products processing and sales of leading products for the frozen sea shrimp, sea fishing. Products will be mainly sold to the EU, the Republic of Korea, Japan, the United States and other countries and regions.

Under the "food-producing enterprises to export health requirements" and the principle of HACCP requirements. establish HACCP system, and regulate the health and quality of processing, adherence to the "important public health, high quality, clean "quality policy and the effective implementation to fully guarantee the quality of their products and to the healthy development of enterprises.
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